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Christmas Gifts For the Mountain Biker

100% Sling Glove

Now you can ride with the feeling like you are not wearing gloves yet take comfort knowing you are covered.

Price: 159 AED

Lezyne Tubeless Insert Kit

The Tubeless Insert Kit is the ultimate stealth-mounted tubeless tire repair kit that discretely and securely inserts into the opening of a bicycle handlebar. It’s constructed from lightweight, durable machined aluminum and features a hardened stainless-steel reamer. The kit is easily accessible for quick tire repairs and comes with five high-quality tubeless plugs that can also be stored inside its body. It also doubles as a bar-end plug and comes with three differently sized O-ring fasteners to ensure a secure fit inside most handlebar openings.

Price: 129 AED

Lezyne SV Multi Tool

The Super SV stainless bike multi tool is the ultimate ride repair tool specifically developed by us for today’s modern bicycles. Its ergonomic machined aluminum side plates feature extra leverage and an integrated magnetic holder for a spare quick link. Each tool bit is meticulously machined from high-grade stainless steel, and crafted to be as compact and lightweight as possible. Available in two configurations, with one offering an integrated tubeless tire repair kit, the Super SV series is ideal for any mountain biker or road cyclist looking for the best, corrosion-free mini tool.

Price: 239 AED

Silca Engraved Titanium Shop Tools

An ultra-light 3d printed Titanium toolset to keep the weight down for the traveling mechanic. Save over 1 pound in these tools. 20 character limit for customization.

Price: 2299 AED

100% Racecraft 2 Goggle

The championship-winning Racecraft 2 goggle takes everything from the previous rendition and builds. Refined for today’s demands of the fastest racers in the world, the Racecraft 2 provides a superior vision system with an expansive field of view and unmatched comfort.

Price: From 309 AED

Quarq Tyrewiz

Your tires are the only thing connecting you to the road or trail, and having optimal tire pressure can have more impact on ride comfort than both frame and wheel choice combined. But finding the right tire pressure requires trial and error. TyreWiz is the first-of-its-kind tire pressure sensor for riders of mountain bikes and road bikes, taking the guesswork out of finding that optimal tire pressure. Lightweight and durable, TyreWiz adds only 10 grams to your tires. With an IPX7 waterproof and dustproof rating, you can confidently ride on any type of trail and know that your tire pressure sensor will keep going strong. TyreWiz reports data with +/-2% accuracy at a resolution of .1 PSI; vastly more accurate than any tire pump on the market. TyreWiz monitors air pressure in real-time and relays the data to a cycling computer or a smartphone. That information is relayed to the SRAM AXS app and delivers personalized recommendations and pressure alerts.TyreWiz gives riders access to highly accurate real-time tire pressure data to make decisions that can affect rolling resistance, traction, tire wear, and rider comfort.

Price: 999 AED

Finishline Pro Care Bucket

Total Bicycle Care in a convenient carry/storage scrub bucket!

The Pro Care Bucket Kit 8.0 includes eight items! It’s everything you’ll need for the total care of your bicycle. Nothing is more fun than a fresh, clean, lubed bike – you’ll ride faster, smoother, and longer when you use the included items to care for your bike.

Price: 420 AED

RockShox digital high-pressure shock pump

RockShox quality made high-pressure fork and shock pump with a digital gauge easily delivers the high PSIs needed to tune certain forks while getting a precise pressure reading. This bike shock pump delivers high pressure at low volumes for precise calibration of your air fork and rear suspensions. Bleeder valve underneath the digital readout gauge helps regulate shock pressure and the valve head offers secure connection while pumping air.

Price: 339 AED

Syncros MB Tailor Cage R. Mini HV1.5 Bottle Cage

With this clever combination on the bike, you always have the most important things with you, your drinking bottle and, in the event of a breakdown, a multitool and mini pump. The practical solution saves space and everything is always at hand. All drinking bottles are bombproof in the bottle holder, even on rough trails. With side access from the right, assembly is also possible with smaller frames.

Price: 310 AED

Syncros Vernon 2.0 Dual pump

The Syncros Vernon 2.0 Dual is the first pump for highest accuracy at low and high pressure. The two air chambers make it the ideal accessory for riders with several bikes.

Simply rotate the display to change the mode. In Road mode the pump delivers high pressure with a display that has been calibrated to display up to 11 bar / 160 psi to ensure accurate pressure. In MTB mode a second chamber is activated to provide a high volume of air. In this mode an exact pressure can be achieved with a 2.8 bar / 40 psi display. The display is located next to the handle for easy reading of the desired pressure. The handle has an ergonomic fit for easy pumping. The stand pump consists of a steel barrel and base, as well as a composite handle. The pump has a reversible head and has been optimized to fit both Schrader and Presta valves. A pressure relief button is located on the valve head next to the lever, simplifying pressure regulation and fine tuning.

Price: 429 AED

100% Altec Helmet

The Altec is a lightweight all-mountain and trail helmet with excellent ventilation. The low-reaching rear head protection combined with the multi-density CONEHEAD EPS inner shell provide superior impact defence. To prevent from overheating, the Altec is equipped with 14 ventilation openings and can be individually adjusted thanks to the dial adjuster.

Price: 669 AED

Crankbrothers Mallet Lace MTB Shoe

Breathable Downhill & Enduro mountain bike shoes with classic rounded laces closure system. Reinforced areas for extra protection and abrasion resistance. Match Shim for optimized engagement over time for Crankbrothers Clip-in pedals. Crankbrothers introduces the Match System. Match is an integrated design approach that considers the pedal and the shoe as a unified system to provide the optimal interface. The Mallet Lace is especially suitable for downhill use due to the Race Zone cleat position and sole construction.

Price: 649 AED

Crankbrothers Stamp 7 Large Flat Pedal

The Stamp 7 pedal was developed with the help of top mountain bike shoe manufacturers and thus guarantees optimal grip at the shoe-pedal interface. This resulted in 2 different surface areas, which were optimized at the shoe/pedal contact surface. The result is a pedal with minimal profile and maximum clearance. It is characterized by low weight and minimal height. The concave platform with replaceable pins keep the foot securely in position.

Price: 679 AED


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