Seasuckers Fitness and tech

Inspiration can come from anywhere. While crushing his rehab after a cycling accident, SeaSucker’s founder came up with the Reda Fitness Rack. The Rack is a base for anchoring resistance straps and bands for resistance workouts. You can attach this rack to any sturdy, smooth surface and go for it.

Reda Fitness Rack

There are slots for attaching resistance bands and holes for clipping on resistance tubes that have built-in carabiners. The Reda Fitness Rack is perfect for resistance training which is considered one of the most healthy and risk ways to exercise your muscles.

5 awesome things about the Reda Fitness Rack

  1. The racks can be mounted almost anywhere such as tiling, windows, walls, painted doors and kitchen counter tops.
  2. Each 6″ vaccum mount can hold over 200 pounds!
  3. The workout combinations are endless. Using the resistance bands and handles you can workout you legs, core and upper body.
  4. The rack is extremely durable. It’s made in the USA and uses the same high strength materials which are used on the roof racks.
  5. Take it anywhere. The rack can easily be carried from place to place and attached anywhere. Perfect for people who on the move.

Reda Travel Rack

Just when you thought the Seasuckers Reda rack couldn’t get any better. Introducing the Reda travel rack, a scaled down but completely innovative workout solution which can be taken anywhere – anytime. Made of high-strength polycarbonate and attached to two powerful 4.5″ vacuum mounts, this rack is perfect for people on the move and can even be attached to a car window for those post cardio workouts.

Accessories to be used with your racks

Complete your rack with the below accessories to get the full workout experience.

Naked Flex mount

It’s not all about fitness with Seasuckers – they’re invested in your convenience too. The naked flex mount will work with your tablet, phone or Gopro and can be mounted virtually anywhere. Want to get that shot of you driving down that scenic road? No problem. Just mount your Gopro to your car and off you go. Need to keep the kids entertained? Easy. Mount your Ipad inside your car and you’ll never here the question “are we nearly there yet?” again. The 4.5″ vaccum mount is super strong and reliable meaning you can entertain yourself care free. Comes with the handy-dandy zippered travel case, because you’re going to take this thing with you and find weird and wonderful places to mount it.

Seasuckers rack and mounts available at Wolfi’s now.

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