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Naroo Masks

Cast your mind back to the not so distant past and we all conjure up images of what life was like when masks were only necessary for heavily polluted cities and social distancing was a phrase that didn’t exist.

Return to the present and we all understand the gravity of the situation and what we can do to flatten the curve. We are all responsible for our own safety and to an extent the safety of other people which we come in to contact with. This is where masks are really important and in particular, masks which make use of technical qualities which actually eradicate pathogens on contact. Naroo really shines here.

NAROO has been studying breathing and developing innovative technological masks since 2002. Their newest mask – the NAROOMASK F.U+ Copper makes use of a copper yarn material which targets bacteria and viruses and eradicates pathogens on contact.

The addition of copper into respiratory protective face masks increases microbial destruction(1). Copper stops the reproductive processes of SARS-CoV(2)influenza(3) , bacteria and a range of other pathogenic microbes(4).

References +
(1) Borkow Et al. (2010). A novel anti-influenza copper […].
(2) Han J Et al. (2005) Efficient and quick inactivation of SARS […].
(3) Noyce Et al. (2007). Inactivation of influenza A virus on copper […].
(4) Warnes Et al. (2014). […] efficacy and mechanism of action of copper […].

Thing to know about NAROOMASK F.U+ Copper

  • Easy-breathing Allows optimal breathing, even during extreme exercises.
  • Anti-fog Minimizes the fogging effect on glasses with the correct adjustment.
  • Constant Effectiveness Strong and sustained performance through repeated washes.
  • Anti-Odor Deodorization Antimicrobial fabric inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria.
  • Quick Dry Absorbs and releases heat to maintain an optimal temperature.
  • Copper Ion Bonded Yarn treated with Copper Ions enables Antimicrobial function.

Interwoven copper nano yarn with enhanced biocidal properties. The yarn and copper combination maximizes the copper’s functions; deodorization, preventing static and killing pathogens. This copper fibre is scientifically certified to be 99% effective at killing microbes.

NAROOMASK F.U+ Copper Mask was not included in original research paper. Data is based upon coinciding test certifications from accredited Japanese test facility certification provider.

Naroo Masks, available in-store at Wolfi’s today.

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