100% Glendale – 2019 Sunglass Gear Of The Year Winner!

Outside Magazine selects 100% Glendale as Gear of the year

Want to read more check out the link to their site

The sunglasses cosmos is vast and full of wonder. Consider this racing shield, which warps taste and creates a convergence of ugly-old and beautiful-new. The laws of lookin’ good no longer apply. The Glendale takes us back to the mid-1980s, when an obscure company called Oakley put weird optical gear on America’s first national-hero bike racer, Greg LeMond. The California brand’s epochal Eyeshade looked a lot like someone had hinged sunglasses temples onto a pair of motorcycle goggles. Now, 35 years on, history repeats itself. 100 Percent (like Oakley, a company respected in motocross circles) gifts cyclists and runners a rootsy shield with premium 21st-century materials. Two lenses are included—smoke gray and nearly clear, both of which work well from noon to night—and the Glendale’s heptagonal frames flex for easier swapping. There’s no missing those frames, especially in mustard yellow with a titch of black striping. Unless you happen to be wearing them, in which case there isn’t much to see but a world blazing past while you’re sheltered from harsh sun and wind. Just enough defogging air wafts in through perforated front vents and out the scoops at the temples. No amount of huffing or sweat clouded the lenses. We couldn’t help but love every part of the Glendale, and that earned it Gear of the Year.

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