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Selle Italia introduces Iron Evo Saddle

At every iron man, his Iron Evo:

the new triathlon saddle of Selle Italia

Asolo (TV), April 2019 – In race and training the triathlon is like a long journey that involves several stages, where performance is the basis of everything. Challenge time, elements and your own will. But the search for the result is not everything, especially when it comes to the bike segment, where the variables of comfort and correct positioning in the saddle come into play. Precisely to facilitate sports performance in triathlon, Selle Italia wanted to provide its experience at the service of triathletes in the creation of a product synonymous with quality, performance and comfort. The summa of Selle Italia expertise is concretized in the new Iron Evo, able to accompany and support every triathlete in the longest fraction of this great challenge.

As the name suggests, Iron Evo is to all intents and purposes an evolution of the Iron model, the saddle of the Venetian company that for several years now has accompanied amateur and professional triathletes. The new saddle does not lose contact with tradition, maintaining many of the characteristics of the previous one, but improving comfort, thanks to the wider nose and the double density padding. Consistency with its history and deep knowledge of the market go hand in hand with product development at Selle Italia, which once again confirms its ability to anticipate and interpret the desires and needs of sportsmen.

Developed and created by triathletes for triathletes

The two-time World Champion Patrick Lange, holder of the Kona record, together with the BMC-Vifit Team, has provided his long experience in the sector for the development of the Iron Evo, collaborating in the study and implementation of its features to achieve the best possible performance. The result is a saddle “fitted” to the demands of the most demanding triathletes, who are looking for a product that is both a vehicle of excellent success and comfortable at the same time.

Unique features for a comfortable but high performance saddle

Available in 2 versions – Superflow and Carbon Kit – the Iron Evo is a harmonious blend of technical features and advanced design. The gritty, racing-focused look is evident in the matt Selle Italia logo and the “streamlined” red Ironman inserts, while visibility and safety are guaranteed by the fluorescent insert on the back of the saddle. On the technical front, the objective of guaranteeing a high level of comfort while pedalling without compromising performance is guaranteed by a series of characteristics that make it unique in its sector. The shape, above all regular and compact and with a redesigned front part, is capable of adapting to the triathlete’s seating needs and allows an effective thrust to be maintained at all times of performance. The increased width of the front is a guarantee of uncompromising comfort, while a stable and effective positioning in the saddle is made possible by the double density padding (Hard and Soft) and by the “gripping” front layer.

IRON-top 001

IRON EVO Data Sheet

Iron Evo Kit Carbonio Superflow HD

  • Weight  240 g
  • COVER Fibra-Tek
  • DIMENSIONS  132 x 256 mm
  • RAIL CarboKeramic Tube 7×9 mm

Iron Evo Superflow HD

  • WEIGHT245 g
  • COVER Fibra-Tek
  • DIMENSIONS  132 x 256 mm
  • RAIL TI316 Tube 7 mm

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