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Gift Ideas Up to AED 500.00


Silca Ypsilon Home Kit

If this does not say I love you, or at least, I like you a whole lot, you must have done something else wrong. This is guaranteed to make the recipient smile from ear to ear, this Y shaped hand-held wrench set comes with all the separate bits to help the receiver tinker on the bike. This is truly a work of art.


Pacific and Co. Legends socks

I know, socks are so cliche when it comes to Christmas gifts, but this gift set has the stuff legends are made of, literally, ride with the legend Eddy Mercx, Miguel Indurain and Bradly Wiggins. This set is limited to 100 units worldwide of which only 12 will come to the UAE, it’s truly something special and should be a part of every cycling fans collection. GET IT NOW for AED275.00


ALL-IN Multitool

“Not another tool” I hear you say, but how can we avoid tempting you with the brilliance that ingenuity brings for us cycling fanatics. This magnificent little tool fits snugly inside your crank spindle and stays in place via a very strong magnet, better yet, it will not fall out, not even through the gnarliest trails, it comes equipped with a chain breaker, a 3,4,5 and 6mm Allen key bit, a T25 Torx, a Phillips bit, magnetic holders for your quick links, you will never forget your tool ever again! AED450.00 and it’s in your crank!


MAAP Bellroy Phone-Wallet

Austrailian High-End wallet company Bellroy paired up with MAAP to produce these high-quality phone wallets. Inside you can expect to fit phones like the Iphone8/Plus, 8 Credit Cards, 2x pockets for coins or keys, water-resistant leather, YKK Water Resistant Zip, microfibre that protects your phone and a whopping 3-year warranty, now THAT’S a mouth full of features. Starting at AED475.00



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