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Gift Ideas below AED100.00


Lezyne RAP 6 Multitool

The Lezyne RAP 6 has long been the GO-TO multi-tool for roadies and MTB riders alike. The Small and very light forged Aluminium construction, forged anti-corrosion vanadium fastening hardware makes this piece truly classy. It also includes a beautiful leather strap to keep the bits neat. This is for sure a stocking filler that will not land up in the bin and with a price of only AED 70.00, your budget will also not go belly up even though looks expensive!

Untitled-3Assos Chamois Creme

You would never think that something as trivial as chamois cream will make someone happy, but a few hours of saddle friction can definitely break even the toughest of Rambo warriors out there and at only AED 75.00 this is truly the gift that keeps on giving!


Camelbak Big Chill

Ask any cyclist out there, there is nothing more dissatisfying then having to take a sip of water that should be used to brew the best of arabica instead of your favorite supplements, with the Camelbak Big Chill it will at least keep your drink chilled for longer (Freeze it for optimal results) Only a “cool” AED 82.00 for this one (See what we did there)


Finish Line NO DRIP Chain Lube Kit

If your expensive Persian carpet has been ruined because “hubby” decided its a great idea to lube his bike in the living room, then this is not only a gift for him, but for you too! The Finishline no drip applicator makes for hassle-free clean lube application. It’s also more environmentally friendly. Less frustration will only set you back AED 50.00, a bargain compared to that carpet don’t you think?

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