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Gift Ideas Below AED 200.00


Lezyne Torque Drive

O.K, strictly speaking, this is not below AED200.00, as a matter of fact, its AED210.00, but, this is such a nice piece of kit it would be a shame not to feature here! This Lezyne Torque Drive is a light and small travel set that includes 11 bits including Allen, Star, Flat and Phillips heads, plus, this little gem will also go from 2-10 Nm. This is an absolute must for any cyclist to ensure the bike is torqued correctly and to manufacturers spec.


Wolf Tooth Light Pack Pliers

You don’t have to own a mountain bike to justify this brilliant gadget, most road bikes now also use quick links and tubeless tires. Now hold your breath for the features; believe it or not, this little tool can remove and install your quick link, has built in tire levers, a valve nut tool, a valve core remover, can stow up to 2x sets of quick links with magnets to hold them in place, that truly is a mouth full of features on this superlight and slim tool and the price I hear you ask…. Only AED130.00 you should get one for yourself too don’t you think?


ZWIFT 3 month subscription

Nothing is as demotivating as getting on the scale after the festive season and realizing you have put on a couple of extra pounds, shed them away with this three-month subscription to Zwift and perhaps even get into the world that is “Zwifting” this three-month subscription will give you the opportunity to try it. Lose that belly for only AED165.00, available in store


Rie-sel-design frame protector

Bling up your bike with this German designed Frame protector which not only makes your bike look cool but also protects it thanks to a sandwich construction of foam, wear resistant layer and some clever other classified crafting materials, its easy to install, flexible and contains more pieces than this blog post allows me to mention, buy your loved one some protection for AED150.00

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