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Team Wolfi’s Bike Shop Entering the Arabien Epic XCM Series

First things first, what is the ARABIEN EPIC XCM SERIES?

The first of its kind in the Middle East, and fast becoming the largest XCM series in the World, with 25 days of racing in total. The Arabian Epic Series runs from October to March each year, and covers amazing frontier landscapes across three uniquely different countries. This is a period in many racer’s calendars that is otherwise difficult to fill with races. The weather is beautiful, with sunshine and blue skies every day.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-29 at 22.25.59
Jacques Rossouw

There is a ‘one-day’ race league in the UAE for this season, and ‘one-day’ race leagues will take place in Jordan and Oman in future also. There are three ‘multi-day’ stage races – one in UAE (January), one in Jordan(February) and one in Oman (March – perfect time for your Cape Epic last-minute testing).

The Arabian Epic Series strictly follows their own clearly-defined brand standards so riders know exactly what to expect. There are 3 distinct race classifications, as follows:

  • XCM 1.0 – this is a full marathon and a very demanding form of long-distance racing, covering at least 80 kms in mountainous terrain and with a minimum of 1,200m of elevation gain.
  • XCM 0.5 – this is a half marathon and again it is a demanding race, covering between 40 – 50 kms in mountainous terrain and with a minimum of 600m of elevation gain.
  • XCM 0.25 – this is a short distance course of 15km – 25km distance, with some short climbs and relatively non-technical route. This is ideal for juniors and people new to the sport, or who are simply limited for time on the day.

We, the Team of Wolfi’s Bike Shop are immensely proud to be associated with the Event and are looking forward to the races in its calendar.

We will post updates and images of all Stages the Team is participating. Stay tuned



Our very own JB on the Podium claiming the Win in the XCM 0.5 Open


Carl Simmons taking the Win for Wolfi’s Bike Shop in the XCM 1.0 on board his Scott Spark RC Worldcup 



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