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Meet the Team – Marnitz

Which Bike do you currently ride? 

Scott Foil 20 With Profile Design 1/Fifty Carbon wheels and Ceramicspeed OSPW and BB Upgraded, YEAH! I AM ALL SHOW, NO GO! and a Scott Aspect 960 with A BO-Bike seat for cruising with my son.

Whats your most memorable moment on the bike? 

Eeehm….Why is it when I think of this question it’s only the crashes that come up!?

What would be your useful tip to people looking to ride in Dubai? 

Hide your purchase slip from your wife! My favorite excuse is “the shop sponsored me this”…. I hope she doesn’t read this….

Who is your cycling hero?

Lance….. Let the debate begin!

How long have you been riding with the Dubai Roadsters?  

The first 5km of a ride, after that, ima out the back! LOL, told you I’m all show!

What do you enjoy most about the Dubai Roadsters?  

Id say the comradery and “family” feel

How has cycling developed during your stay here in Dubai?  

From Hot to unbearable, just kidding, I have only been here 10 months but I can see this country invests heavily in the sport, for that I am truly thankful.

How does cycling in Dubai compare to your home country? 

In SA I used to do mostly mountain biking due to the roads being unsafe, so since I have been here it’s been invigorating to be riding on safe cycling designated tracks.

What are your goals for the remainder of 2018?

Make it to Winter

Whats your favorite piece of cycling clothing when riding in Dubai?

My Lake Cycling Shoes! Got the heritage edition C1X Lace-Up in vibrant red.

Whats your opinion on the length of cycling socks?  

Who am I to judge, whatever floats your boat, but I personally wear them as high as possible without it looking like an upside down knee warmer.

What is your favourite way  to you replenish the calories after a long ride?  

An ice-cold fermented hops and barley drink! I love suffering for 2.5 hours and then nullifying it all by taking in more calories.

Do you shave your legs?  

Used to, now I couldn’t even be bothered to shave my face.

Are you on STRAVA / Social Media? 

YUP, Strava Marnitz Aucamp, Instagram @beardymcbeardface07 follow me, or not, your choice

What’s your favorite piece of cycling equipment?  

I LOVE MY BIKE, its got the prime position in my house, on the wall, looking all sassy….. I should probably wipe the dust off at some stage.

Who is your favorite Professional Rider? 

Cav and Sagan

How can you be identified on the ride?  

Fat guy with a beard and a red bike with red shoes looking for parking. But I’m more like a sasquatch, a mythical creature if you like

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