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Meet the Team – Mark

  • Which Bike do you currently ride? 
My weapon of choice is the Cervelo S5
  • Whats your most memorable moment on the bike?
Racing up Jebel Hafeet with my French team mate to a podium finish
  • What would be your useful tip to people looking to ride in Dubai? 
Aero! It’s all about aero so make sure you get your bike kitted.
  • Who is your cycling hero?
Tom Boonen – Just an all-time beast on the bike.
  • How long have you been riding with the Dubai Roadsters?  
6 months
  • What do you enjoy most about the Dubai Roadsters?  
Good group of people from all different backgrounds just looking to get out and enjoy the cycling atmosphere.
  • How has cycling developed during your stay here in Dubai?  
It has grown – so many new customers and new facility development
  • How does cycling in Dubai compare to your home country? 
I’m from a small town called Somerset West in South Africa where we have loads of great cycling routes through vineyards and over some really challenging climbs. Out here in Dubai it’s actually the complete opposite – it’s a desert and it’s flat. Might sound boring but to be honest it’s fantastic. There are designated cycling tracks making it competitive and safe for all the riders.
  • What are your goals for the remainder of 2018?
To ride in as many sand storms as possible.
  • Whats your favorite piece of cycling clothing when riding in Dubai? 
My Assos cycling shorts. Damn they are comfortable!
  • Whats your opinion on the length of cycling socks?  
I like long socks. It’s the in thing.
  • What is your favourite way to replenish the calories after a long ride?  
Chicken Biryani and a nice cold Pepsi.
  • Do you shave your legs? 
Yes, since I was 15 years old!
  • Are you on STRAVA / Social Media? 
I am indeed – please follow me! Instagram – @markdennisdaly
Stava – Mark Dennis Daly
  • What’s your favorite piece of cycling equipment?  
My Lezyne Macro GPS unit – Super battery life, accurate, user-friendly and smart.
  • Who is your favorite Professional Rider?  
Currently – Louis Meintjes
Past – Tom Boonen
  • How can you be identified on the ride?
I’m the guy in baggies, on a road bike, ringing my bell, coming past you.

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