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Lezyne MEGA GPS – The Best Cycling GPS for you

Lezyne Mega GPS

The Best Cycling GPS For You


San Luis Obispo, California – Premier accessory manufacturer Lezyne proudly introduces their new Mega series of GPS cycling computers. Lezyne quickly established itself in the GPS category, and the company has gone next level with their new Mega XL and Mega C units. In addition to full mapping capabilities, both devices increase in style, size, and battery runtime (48 hours and 32 hours respectively). The Mega C features a vibrant 240 x 320 pixel color screen and the Mega XL has a large 240 x 400 pixel high-resolution screen (see device dimensions below). Additionally, the Mega XL can be oriented vertically or horizontally. The larger screens display up to 10 data fields across five pages on the Mega XL and up to eight data fields and five pages on the Mega C device.


Offline Navigation Capabilities improve Lezyne’s already best-in-class navigation platform. Maps from anywhere in the world can be downloaded and transferred to the Mega GPS devices using Lezyne’s GPS Root website or GPS Ally phone app. Once users save and load an area, they can create routes, search for destinations, or find their way home without a live data connection.


Lezyne designed, developed, and produced the Mega GPS in house, and the units feature everything a rider needs for an enhanced experience. The Lezyne Ally phone app makes setup quick and simple, while also allowing riders to receive incoming phone calls, text messages, and notifications from popular social medial platforms.

In addition to alerts, Lezyne’s GPS platforms sync with Strava, TrainingPeaks, or Today’s Plan to follow Strava Live Segments and custom, structured workouts.


Furthermore, as an engineering first brand, Lezyne constructed the Mega GPS computers to withstand the roughest riding situations. This places these devices in a class of their own when it comes to durability and reliability.


Both devices offer exceptional value and retail for 945 AED. The GPS Root website and GPS Ally app remain free. Thanks to their simplicity and advanced technologies, these devices are outstanding options for any type of cyclists. Adventure riders appreciate the battery runtime and mapping capabilities, elite athletes can follow detailed training screens, Strava-thletes love the live-segment integration, and weekend warriors enjoy the device’s ease of use.


Welcome to the Mega GPS. The best cycling GPS for you!



The Mega C:

50.5mm x 77.2mm x 26.9mm / 2” x 3” x 1”

Screen – 55.9mm / 2.2”


Mega XL:

57.5mm x 78.3mm x 26.6mm / 2.3” x 3.1” x 1”

Screen – 68.6mm / 2.7”

4 thoughts on “Lezyne MEGA GPS – The Best Cycling GPS for you

  1. I recently purchased a Lezyne Mega Xl and I love it. Have it setup in landscape mode with 9 fields and I have to say I love it, have it setup landscape mode with 9 data fields!! Gave my son my Garmin 520. Love my Mega Xl!!!! 👍👍👍

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  2. I have to say Rob I agree Lezyne are the way ahead. Until you recommended the Lezyne SUPER GPS to me for my TT bike I was sold on Garmin, not anymore. I find that I’m using the Lezyne on all my bikes as it’s so much simpler than my Garmin. The App is fantastic, very intuitive and simplicity in itself.
    Pleased that Lezyne have now introduced this new series I will be making a purchase. Great blog


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