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Meet the Team – Paul

  • Which Bike do you currently ride? 

Scott Foil with Di2 and all the Ceramic Speed that money can buy!

  • What’s your most memorable moment on the bike?

I have so many genuinely memorable cycling moments that it is really hard to pick just one. From riding UCI stage races to racing on the velodrome in Manchester against future World Tour stars like the Yates twins, Ben Swift and Chris Lawless and racing here in the GCC with rising stars like Yousef Mirza there have been some fantastic days on the bike. However, the two most memorable are being given the opportunity to participate in the Al Salam Cycling Tournament in January 2018 and winning the Dead2Red race in Jordan in 2017, setting a new course record in the process, probably my finest five hours on a bike.


  • What would be your useful tip to people looking to ride in Dubai?

Find a good group to ride with, embrace the social side of cycling and of course keep fueled and hydrated. We have amazing facilities here in Dubai and the UAE, make the most of them.


  • Who is your cycling hero?

I am a huge cycling fan and have massive respect and admiration for a number of riders. However, Big Ted, the legendary Eddie Merckx is the reason I ride a bike.

  • How long have you been riding with the Dubai Roadsters

I arrived in Dubai in 2012 and have ridden with the Roadsters since then. I don’t get out with them every week, but I always try to get a fair few Roadsters rides in.

  • What do you enjoy most about Dubai Roadsters?
I love the opportunity to ride on the roads with the security and safety of the support cars. The role the support drivers like Sunil, Suresh and the rest of the boys cannot be overstated enough. I also love the diversity of the group and meeting like-minded individuals from such varied backgrounds.
  • How has cycling developed during your stay here in Dubai?

When I first arrived in Dubai the Al Qudra Loop was just beginning construction and Nad Al Sheba was just the service roads of the old camel track. My first race was with the UAE Cycling Federation and it was a small affair. In the time I have been here I have seen the sport and pastime of cycling grow beyond my wildest expectations.We now have a World Tour Team, UAE Team Emirates, with an Emirati on their roster, a World Tour race which attracts the worlds best riders, a UCI Grand Fondo World Finals qualifier event and well-supported races and social rides throughout the season. The support of the Rulers and Government of the UAE has been instrumental in this growth and I am sure every cyclist in the Region would share my heartfelt thanks for the opportunities we have here.

  • How does cycling in Dubai compare to your home country?
There has been a huge growth in popularity of cycling in the UK, my home country in recent years and this has been based around the county’s huge success on the velodrome and at the Olympics which has lead to success at the highest levels on the road too. The biggest difference between Dubai and the UK, and Spain where my house is, would be the ability in these countries to simply open the front door and ride. The nearest we have to that here is Dubai Roadster’s Friday rides which do allow us to ride on the roads, albeit with the saftey blanket of support cars.
  • What are your goals for the remainder of 2018?

The off-season and summer heat means a reduced amount of cycling at the moment, but I will certainly be ramping up the training in the coming months to enable me to stay competitive in the racing when the new season starts.

  • What’s your favorite piece of cycling clothing when riding in Dubai?

My custom Flouro Yellow Lake CX332 cycling shoes.

  • Whats your opinion on the length of cycling socks? 

Socks should be no higher than mid-way between ankle and knee, in fact they should be exactly mid-way between ankle and knee! There is even a UCI rule about this!

  • Do you shave your legs?

Of course!

 What is your favorite way to you replenish the calories after a long ride?

Coffee, a protein shake (and maybe a brunch!).

  • Are you on STRAVA / Social Media?  

Of course.


  • What’s your favorite piece of cycling equipment? 

Electronic shifting. How did we ever manage before!!!! And if money is no object then an awesome pair of Lightweight wheels.

  • Who is your favorite Professional Rider? 

The Yates Twins and Chris Lawless from Sky because I rode with them when they were very young and it is amazing to see their talent develop. I am also a huge fan of Tom Boonen, Mark Cavendish, Peter Sagan and Elia Viviani. Alberto Contador has had a phenomenal career, overcoming some real setbacks in his time.

And my favorite Team is Michelton Scott, they always look like they are having a ball!

  • How can you be identified on the ride? 

I will be at the front, going full gas, and wearing more flouro yellow than a nuclear power plant safety inspector! (And I will be the most colour coordinated person on the ride for sure!).

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