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Introducing the new Zipp 858 NSW Carbon Clincher Wheelsets

Introducing the Zipp 858 NSW® Disc Brake and Rim Brake Carbon Clincher Wheelsets
Whether you are a triathlete or a road rider looking for the ultimate in aero performance, the 858 NSW is engineered to make the impossible… possible. Its advanced AeroBalance™ and handling performance changes the way we think about aero-wheel selection. By minimizing concerns over control, the 858 NSW ushers in a new era where aerodynamically efficient deep-section wheels are no longer reserved only for ideal racing conditions—the 858 NSW is an every-condition race wheelset.
Utilizing the principles of biomimicry, Zipp engineers studied the environment around them for instances of how nature solved similar problems of speed, control, and efficiency for the next generation of Zipp wheels. Inspired by the irregular shape of the leading edge of humpback whale pectoral fins, which help provide this giant creature with speed and maneuverability, our engineers began developing wheels that used similarly shaped nodes along the inner circumference of the rim. The product of years of research and hundreds of hours in the wind tunnel, the resulting Sawtooth™ rim shape delivers aerodynamic efficiency and crosswind stability that far surpasses what is possible with conventionally shaped wheels.
The undulating 82mm to 77mm deep Zipp 858 NSW applies the same biomimicry-derived Sawtooth rim technology found in our groundbreaking 454 NSW to deliver newfound levels of both speed and control, what we call AeroBalance.
The lower aerodynamic drag and additional crosswind stability available from the Sawtooth design is amplified on deeper section wheels for even greater gains in
both performance and rider confidence. This allows riders to remain in their aero position longer, as well as save energy when riding in crosswinds; energy that would have been expended trying to keep the bike going in a straight line with a conventional wheel. That energy can now be used to propel the bike to higher speeds. Moreover, the confidence inspiring stability of the 858 NSW leaves a rider’s mind free to fully focus on the task at hand: Putting power to the pedals.
Want to know more about the technology used? Check out our post on the 454 NSW Wheels
Zipp 858 NSW Disc Brake Gallery:

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Zipp 858 NSW Rim Brake Gallery

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