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Ding meets Bling! Engineered Cycling Bells by Lezyne

Bells are gaining popularity at a rapid pace across all aspects of cycling. Our newly introduced Classic Brass Bell and Classic Shallow Brass Bell mixes timeless styling with modern CNC machining to create a masterpiece of design and function that will complement any type of bike.


Our bell domes are machined from a bar of brass, stamped into their final shape and then polished to a brilliant shine. Each base is saw cut, drilled and anodized to perfection. The strikers are machined on a CNC lathe to get their contoured shapes. Spacer length is optimized for the perfect distance between the striker and the bell so it hits at its highest speed and because the spring is pre-constrained into the spacer the striker consistently comes back to the same position and its strength is increased for a louder ring. These bells are truly engineered for maximum performance, style and quality.



With a compact, classic shape and small brass striker, the Classic Brass Bell provides a sharp, impressively loud ring announcing your presence.



Utilizing a modern and unique low-profile design the Shallow Brass Bell provides a distinctive, loud ring warning others of your presence.



Available in our Store on Sheikh Zayed Road

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