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Meet the Team – JB

Which Bike do you currently ride?
I currently ride a Cervelo S5 with Sram Red Etap
Whats your most memorable moment on the bike?
My everyday commute to work with my Partner in crime – Jogs
What would be your useful tip to people looking to ride in Dubai?
Enjoy riding your Bike on the many safe places like Nad Al Sheeba or Al Qudra
Who is your cycling hero?
Wiggo 😉
How long have you been riding with the Dubai Roadsters?
Since I started working for Wolfi’s. So that will be about 5 years now.
What do you enjoy most about Dubai Roadsters?
Very safe and disciplined.
How has cycling developed during your stay here in Dubai?
Cycling took off in recent years. More and more people start riding and enjoy the Sport a lot.
How does cycling in Dubai compare to your home country?
Filipinos have a great passion for cycling but we don’t have the quality of tracks there compared to whats available here in Dubai.
What are your goals for the remainder of 2017?
I look forward to join the Bike Races in Winter
Whats your favourite piece of cycling clothing when riding in Dubai?
My limited Edition Dubai Roadsters Jersey from Castelli.
Whats your opinion on the length of cycling socks?
I just love them all 😉
What is your favourite way  to you replenish the calories after a long ride?
A Protein Shake and fried rice

Do you shave your legs?
Are you on STRAVA / Social Media?
Yes – Follow Me
What’s your favorite piece of cycling equipment?
My Bike
Who is your favorite Professional Rider?
 I like Peter Sagan
How can you be identified on the ride?
Through my Kit and my Cervelo S5

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