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Wolfis Bike Shop Exclusive | Lightweight Fernweg Disc Brake Wheelset

We are proud to announce an EXCLUSIVE Wheelset from Lightweight, available only here at Wolfis Bike Shop in the UAE.
Here at Wolfis Bike Shop we are always looking to stock the latest and greatest products in the market, and with the new Lightweight Fernweg Disc Brake Wheelset we believe that we have one of the best disc brake wheelsets in the market.
The Fernweg Disc Brake wheelset combines German Engineering excellence with their long-standing, class-leading expertise in carbon fibre manufacturing. This Lightweight innovation has been hand-crafted with the world-renowned passion for detail and technical excellence. Their unique carbon fibre hub design is the technological “cornerstone” of the wheel design.
The pentagonal hub shell shape reflects the need for a secure connection between the wheel and the braking forces that a disc rotor experiences, as well as the heat generated during the braking process. The engineering team at Lightweight designed this special mechanical interface in Germany, with the unique hub shell guaranteeing safety, but also enhancing one of their main benefits over any other wheel system in the market: Power transfer from the rider, direct to the road.
As we see the Road Cycling and Triathlon industry move towards Disc Brakes, Lightweight have taken great steps forward with converting their already industry leading wheels and adapting them to the new needs of the market.
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