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10 Products we love for 2017

1. Ceramic Speed OSPW
The ultimate in bling from Ceramic Speed, we had tremendous success with this product in 2016 on the back of being named “Ceramicspeed Distributor of the Year” the year prior, and expect this to continue in to 2017. CeramicSpeed specializes in components that help you go faster by reducing drivetrain friction. Primarily known for its ceramic bearings, the company’s most flamboyant products are the Oversized Pulley Wheel System (OSPW) and the Ultra-Fast Optimized (UFO) chain. Running the chain around a larger “wheel” reduces friction and thus saving you watts,  the same principal applied to a 53-tooth chainring has less friction than a 50-tooth chainring. Ceramic bearings also decrease the friction even more. 
2. Liquiproof
Aftercare products was one of our focuses in 2016 as we brought on brands such as Zebla, and much to the enjoyment of our customers, Liquiproof. Liquiproof impressed us with their attempt to win over the Dragons in the UK’s version of Dragons Den. The owner of the company stood in front of the group of millionaires and poured a bottle of red wine over his suit, only to see the wine bead up and roll off without leaving a mark. The Dragon’s were silenced.
We know a lot of our customers have some fantastic cycling shoes, and we wanted to offer a product that protected these from any drivetrain oil, or sand and dirt from the dessert. This product can also be used in your home life on work shoes, party shoes, suits and even car upholstery.
3. Lake Custom Insoles
In 2016 we learned a lot about insoles and how the foot behaves inside the shoe throughout the pedal stroke.  We used Gebiomized technology and we tested our staff in order to give us pressure readings, and based on these we started to stock the Lake Raven insoles in order to further enhance our customers comfort and pedal stroke performance. We expect to further enhance our knowledge of this subject in 2017 and confident we will see a lot of people looking to foot support to ensure that pins & needles are not an issue, and that maximum power transfer most definitely is.
4. Castelli Modiale Bib Shorts
Incredibly sleek, this bib short improves upon Castelli’s impressive Body Paint Bib Short with its Cinquanta fabric and minimalist construction that eliminates irritation. The soft fabric promotes continuous comfort whether you’re climbing Jebel Jais and completing the friday Dubai Roadsters ride. These shorts were constructed with reduced panels and no-sew bonded bibs, the Mondiale Bib Short is impeccably sleek and lightweight. Laser-cut holes along the backside of the bib straps promote airy-cool comfort  meaning they are a must for the Dubai summer when you’re sweating during your lap of Al Qudra.
2016 was an enjoyable year with Castelli for us, with both the Abu Dhabi Tour and Dubai tour a great success. We expect to see further exposure for the Italian brand in 2017 as the races return again at the beginning of the season with an all new World Tour Team in collaboration. Team Sky, no less.
5. Speedplay Pedals
2016 was the year that Wolfi’s Bike Shop partnered with Speedplay Pedals as the distributor for the region and we were delighted to get our hands on this brand. The pedals offer fantastic adjustability in fitting processes and also offer dual sided entry which is always a great benefit. These pedals are immensely popular with the Triathlon athletes in the region, especially with their attention to detail that can be offered during bike fittings.
Speedplay Pedals come in different shapes and sizes, there is the Nanogram for the Weight Weenies and Aero Pedals for those looking to break the Hour Record around Nad Al Sheba.
6. Assos Chamois Cream
No ride should begin without this product being applied. It will maximise comfort and ensure your ride is an enjoyable one, as you are perched on your saddle. Riding here in Dubai is very different to many other countries in terms of the terrain as you very rarely are required to get out of the saddle, meaning that pressure is continuously applied for long periods of time without any relief.
Of all the things we have in the store, this is the regular purchase that is required almost every month in order to maintain the comfort required to ride regularly in our conditions. Paired with a great Bib Short with a high quality chamois and you’ll feel like you’re sitting in an arm chair whilst on the Dubai Roadsters Ride every Friday.
7. Silca Speed Balance
At the tail end of 2016, SILCA launched speed balance, a new aerodynamic wheel balancing system with integrated computer mount.
The trend for deeper aerodynamic wheels with ever-lighter rims means that the amount of imbalance created by longer valves has increased. According to Silca owner and former ZIPP Aero Guru Josh Poertner, aero wheels in the 60 to 90mm depth range are 10 to 20G heavier around the valve stem. In addition to valves and valve extenders, reinforcement around the valve hole, carbon overlaps and inner tube overlaps all contribute to the imbalance. 
With the vast amount of our customers from both the road and the triathlon worlds using deep profile wheels, we witnessed great success with this product in 2016 and actually sold out within days of our initial order. We have recently received stock at the early part of 2017 and are expecting again for this product to be extremely popular.
8. Lezyne Super GPS
The bike computer market has a new player in town, and we believe that Lezyne GPS are a fantastic addition to the market. The year 9 computers from 2016 offered everything that you would want or ever need from a Bike Computer, but the year 10 editions which were released for 2017 give you everything you never knew you need but are happy to have. 
The GPS units link with your mobile phone to give you phone notifications when you are riding, so you can be contacted in case of emergencies. There is a breadcrumb feature should you get lost on Al Qudra, you can retrace your steps back to the car park and find your car. The year 10 editions come with their own Heart Rate Monitor and Speed/Cadence Sensors which is a great improvement on the previous year models and the units can be paired to all major power meters available on the market.
All of the above, and at a very affordable price!
9. MAAP socks
Made in Australia, the home of all things cool and funky in the cycling apparel industry. Wolfis Bike Shop took the sock market by storm in 2016 as the cycling tracks of Al Qudra and Nad al Sheba received an injection of colour as people started to explore with more vibrant styles and designs. Moving into 2017 MAAP have got some exciting styles and new designs coming to the market so be prepared to keep your sock drawer fresh throughout 2017.
10. Lightweight Di2 Junction Holder
We’ll do everything we can to avoid cables making the cockpit of people’s bikes look untidy, and so when Lightweight brought this Di2 Junction Box Holder to the market we were praising them for their genius. Nobody wants a rubber band on their stem, and so our customers were extremely impressed with this product. With the arrival and success of SRAM eTap in store at the tail end of 2016, this product might not have a future this year but for those who are still running their Shimano Di2 this is the must have tidy-up upgrade part on the market.

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