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Meet the Roadsters – Yvonne van Hattum

Which Bike do you currently ride?
A Scott Addict 20 – 2016 edition
Whats your most memorable moment on the bike?
Jasper and I participated in the La Marmotte Sportive in the French Alps this July, a fantastic challenge and proud moment when I crossed the finish line.
What would be your useful tip to people looking to ride in Dubai?
Join the Roadsters!!
Who is your cycling hero?
My husband Jasper. He is such a strong rider and accomplished great results (4th place in the NASST Ramadan Race, 11th place in La Marmotte (out of 7000 riders!!)
How long have you been riding with the Dubai Roadsters?
Almost 1 year!
What do you enjoy most about Dubai Roadsters?
Lovely people to ride with, always good support, whether you’re fast or less fast there is always a group to ride with and great breakfast after the Friday ride 🙂
How has cycling developed during your stay here in Dubai?
I have only been in Dubai for 2.5 years, but one of the great developments I have seen is the increasing womens cycling community and support. 
How does cycling in Dubai compare to your home country?
You never have to check the weather report before going for a ride!
What are your goals for the remainder of 2016?
My main goal was the Marmotte sportive which we just did this summer. We will participate in the Coast to Coast in November which I am looking forward to!
Whats your favourite piece of cycling clothing when riding in Dubai?
My Wolfi’s Contessas kit
Whats your opinion on the length of cycling socks?
Whatever keeps you pedalling
What is your favourite way  to you replenish the calories after a long ride?
BIG breakfast with good coffee followed by a nap!
Do you shave your legs?
Is it even an option not to?
Are you on STRAVA / Social Media?
Only Strava & Facebook. 
What’s your favorite piece of cycling equipment?
My awesome bike!
Who is your favorite Professional Rider?
Marianne Vos, she is such an example for many people, has accomplished already so much but also had to work super hard to make her comeback after a tough time.
How can you be identified on the ride?
Look for the tall Dutchie, I am probably sitting in his wheel trying to hold on for dear life 🙂

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