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Chase the Conditions – MAAP

There is a common misconception here in Dubai that it is sunny all year round and the temperatures are always warm enough for short sleeved jerseys, but those who have lived here for a number of years are aware that during the winter months the temperature can drop enough to warrant the winter clothing. I arrived here last year in September, and I laughed when I heard fellow riders talking about breaking out the Gabba Jersey. 3 weeks into my new life here in the desert and one morning before a ride I was reaching for the Arm & Leg Warmers and placing a snood around my neck.
When you compare Dubai to Europe or United Kingdom then for sure we do not receive the harsh conditions that can be experienced in this part of the world. However, when you have been riding throughout the summer months in temperatures close to 40 degrees celsius and then suddenly find yourself pulling the bike out of the car at the bottom of The Stick with temperatures in the low teens, then of course you are going to need some warmer clothing to make you feel cosy.
There are 2 products that I always feel comfortable in when the temperature drops. The first is the Long Sleeve jerseys from MAAP. MAAP created a high performance jersey engineered for long training rides, and based around their new Modern Fit. Featuring a luxurious fabric with a light brushed inside face which helps reduce wind chill and manage core body temperature.

MAAP have designed the pockets to be larger than their race oriented jerseys and feature a thicker elastic opening to keep items more secure and protected from the elements. The body hem uses a half elastic construction with internal silicone dots to ensure the jersey doesn’t ride up, while the front hem is cropped to reduce the jersey bunching and uses a seamless welded construction which sits flat against the bib short. I often pair this with a gilet for the first part of my ride and then as I warm up I will remove and place it in one of my rear pockets, placing it back on when I stop for a coffee at the end of my ride.

The Black colour way features Italian made reflective transfer graphics to increase visibility in low or fading light meaning you will be highly visible during the early morning training rides at Al Qudra.

The second product which I will always wear no matter what the conditions, whether it be middle of the summer or a cold winter morning is the MAAP Base Layers. The base layers are made in Italy using a hollow Polypropylene yarn. A super lightweight fibre which helps create a perfect micro-climate between the garment and body by keeping the skin dry and at a constant temperature. Ideal for all season riding in any condition.

The Moisture Wicking properties help throughout the summer as they take the sweat away from the body and allow your core temperature to stay stable and not get too high. The yarn is also water proof which repels sweat, keeping the garment light during use. Obviously riding 130km on a Friday morning will produce a lot of sweat and so it is always helpful to know the base layers are Anti-Odor and have a Anti-Bacterial treatment. 


During the summer I will wear the sleeveless version and in the colder periods I will turn to the sleeve versions for that extra warmth as the wind chill hits me, especially on the back part of the loop and the extension at Al Qudra.

Throughout upcoming weeks where we will face a drop in temperature I will be wearing:
MAAP Base Bib Shorts
MAAP Seamless Base Layer Tee
MAAP Base Winter Long Sleeve Jersey
MAAP Seamless Winter Collar
Here at @wolfisbikeshop we proudly stock MAAP Apparel. For enquiries about certain stock items or if you would like to place a special order then please contact

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