Check out these Custom Lake Kicks

We have written about Lakes Custom Cycling Shoes before in this Blog with great feedback from our readers. Want to read it again –  Lake Custom Cycling Shoes

So we wanted to share some of our latest Projects with you

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Lake is been in the Business of Cycling Shoes since 1982 with their Core value to produce the best fitting, highest quality cycling Shoe in the market.

One size does not fit all. Lake match the fit to the function of every shoe they make. The footwear comfort & performance needs of cyclists are not only dependent upon the type of riding they will do, but also their gender & how hard they ride. This theory goes beyond materials & construction methods to the actual foot form (the “last”) around which a shoe is built to determine whether a shoe meets a particular need. Instead of trying to make one or two foot shapes fit every rider, Lake have created a variety of lasts to meet most riders needs.



If you want to know on how to mold Lakes CX402 shoes yourself you can watch the following video


Stop by the Shop and have a look yourself. Our Team is happy to assist and answer all questions you might have.




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