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Cervelo P5X – Personal Best

The P5X is the fastest, most technologically advanced triathlon bike ever made. It is Cervelo’s latest addition to its P-series line-up. We define it as the ultimate Tri-Bike.


The P5X was designed for triathletes only. It has been designed to meet the growing demand for integrated storage and customized with no compromise on performance. It is the result of three years of hard work, dedication and passion. Before starting with the design process, Cervelo spent a full year researching the triathlete’s unique needs and challenges.

What are the main features that differentiate the P5X from the competition?

  • With everything from modular integrated storage to ease of adjustment and simple packing, the P5X is the only real individually tailored bike existing on the market.
  • The P5X features a unique modular, easy to access storage system engineered to fulfill the needs of every triathlete. Whether training or racing, anything from nutrition, flat kit, cold weather gear, and more can be securely stowed in the P5X’s exclusive Smartpac, Stealthbox and Speedcase components.
  • It is the fastest bike available and features disc brake technology
  • It is easy to pack and travel with.
  • The P5X’s design is rooted in attention to detail and exceptional quality supported by a unique “made in North America” claim.
  • The P5X comes fully equipped with the highest level of components.

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So how adjustable is the P5X? The P5X boasts unprecedented micro and macro adjustability allowing every athlete’s morphology to find their perfect fit with quick and simple adjustments. The P5X features a wide front end fit range through a unique 112mm sliding stack adjustment with 91mm reach adjustment, a flip-able bar and 0 to 12 degree tilt adjustment. With a ultra low stand over height, sizing of the P5X is also streamlined to only 4 unique frame options.



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