Profile Design TwentyFour Carbon Wheels

Profile Design is a Company well known in the Industry for high quality bike parts like Aerobars, Base Bars, Stems and hydration systems. When Profile Design introduced their new TwentyFour Carbon Fiber Wheels it was clear that the Product is going to be amazing in quality, Aero features and at the same time more affordable… Continue reading Profile Design TwentyFour Carbon Wheels

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Cervelo P5X – Personal Best

The P5X is the fastest, most technologically advanced triathlon bike ever made. It is Cervelo’s latest addition to its P-series line-up. We define it as the ultimate Tri-Bike. The P5X was designed for triathletes only. It has been designed to meet the growing demand for integrated storage and customized with no compromise on performance. It… Continue reading Cervelo P5X – Personal Best