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Samee’s builds – Unique Scott Plasma Rio Edition fully loaded

During the Rio Olympics Scott’s special design bikes got a lot of attention. Due to the high interest we did everything we possibly could to get our hands on one very special Plasma Rio Edition.

Watch out whilst riding in Al Qudra or International Ironman Events. This Machine is seriously fast.

Bike Specs and Weight: 10.55kg – 23.2 pound


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7 thoughts on “Samee’s builds – Unique Scott Plasma Rio Edition fully loaded

  1. Could you tell me the crank used, diameter of the bottom bracket, bb30, GXP etc. I ask because I purchased the GXP Dfour91 recently for my Scott Plasma and it is too narrow at to fit the bb86 frame.

    Lovely set up by the way


    1. Good day Neal, the GXP axle version with a BB86 Pressfit Bottom Bracket should fit no problem. We used a Quarq Dzero GXP with the BB86 GXP to assembly the Plasma Rio. If your crank is a BB30 the Spindle will be to short. If you need more info feel free to email me directly robert@wbs.ae

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      1. Hi Richard, yes the option is made by Drag2Zero and was made to Order. I would contact them and see if it is an item you can get. I hope this helps. Robert


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