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Speedplay – High Performance Pedals

We are very pleased to announce that Wolfi’s Bike Shop has recently been appointed as the Speedplay distributor for the GCC and Middle East. Known as one of the most innovative and desired brands on the market for pedals and we are very happy to be working with them through the region.

What is Speedplay?

At Speedplay, all they make are bicycle pedals. They think about them every day so that you don’t have to. We obsess over every detail so that you can think about important things like enjoying your ride. They sponsor many of the best professional cycling teams in the world to subject our pedals to the harshest racing conditions imaginable.Speedplay road pedals are ridden in every discipline, in every major race throughout the season. Feedback both from pro racers and consumers helps them to refine and improve our products. While you may never win the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Olympics, World Championships, Ironman or Paris-Roubaix, riders using Speedplay pedals have. And though we can’t hide the satisfaction of winning the world’s biggest races, our ultimate challenge is to satisfy the demands of our everyday consumers.

Why Speedplay?

When Speedplay was founded, they didn’t just set out to improve on conventional pedal designs. They realized that the only way to make a substantive leap in clipless pedal performance was to reinvent the entire system. So they did, and the results speak for themselves. No other pedal design has ever packed so many ease-of-use and performance breakthroughs into a single system. Speedplay is proud to lead the market in innovations such as:

DUAL-SIDED PERFORMANCE – With their revolutionary dual-sided design, there’s no fumbling, kicking or searching for the “right” side of the pedal. Just step down with the self-locating cleat and you’re in.

LIGHTER WEIGHT – By locating the retention mechanism in the cleat instead of in the pedal, we were able to offer dual-sided performance without the weight of redundant mechanisms.

SECURE ENGAGEMENT – Unlike other pedals, Speedplay’s true-locking retention mechanism separates spring tension from locking security. Entry and exit are easy, but unintentional release is virtually impossible. And, the hardened metal-tometal contact edges of Speedplay’s engagement mechanisms ensure higher-mileage durability than the plastic contact edges of other pedals.

KNEE-FRIENDLY FLOAT – Unlike pedals that induce torque to your knees with self-centering spring tension, the unique non-recentering free float in Speedplay pedals was designed to reduce stress on your knees by allowing them to follow their natural path through the pedal stroke.

MICRO-ADJUSTABLE FLOATSpeedplay Zero and Syzr pedals are the only pedals that allow rotational float to be micro-adjusted throughout the float range or set to a fixed position. The random rotational “slop” and ambiguous connection that pass for float in other pedals and cleats simply can’t compare.

MORE PRECISE CLEAT ADJUSTMENT – No other pedal system offers independently adjustable fore-aft, side-to-side, and rotational foot-position settings. These ultra-precise, cleat-position settings are easily replicated when installing replacement cleats to ensure your ideal position.


IDEAL PLATFORM STABILITY – Pedal size alone does not determine platform stability or riding comfort. Instead of making oversized pedals, Speedplay uses strict manufacturing tolerances between the pedal and cleat to ensure optimal stability, comfort and power transfer. Simply reference Speedplay’s numerous Tour de France, Giro, Vuelta, Ironman, Olympics and RAAM victories to see that our pedals provide stable and comfortable performance on rides of any distance.


IMPROVED  CORNERING  CLEARANCE  –  The  slim  profile  of  the  Speedplay pedal design offers the best cornering clearance available, so you can corner at higher speeds without clipping your pedals.

BETTER POWER TRANSFER – Speedplay’s lower stack height positions the pedal closer to the foot for the best power transfer of any pedal.

MORE AERODYNAMIC – Wind tunnel tests show the reduced frontal area and streamlined profile of Speedplay pedals can save up to 33 seconds per hour – equivalent to the speed gained when switching from a standard front wheel to a deep- profile, aerodynamic front wheel. Now the new Zero Aero Pedal System takes pedal aerodynamics into a whole new realm.

EASIER MAINTENANCE – Every Speedplay pedal has a convenient grease port that makes routine maintenance a snap.



For further info on Speedplay Pedals, please visit our Shop on Sheikh Zayed Road, contact our Sales Team here or visit Speedplays Website


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