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Lake Custom Cycling Shoes

Lake recently introduced their Custom Shoe Programme, which is sure to create a lot of interesting cycling shoes here in Dubai and across the world.

The custom project is available on the CX402 and the newly introduced CX332 models. The team at Lake are able to produce prints, graphics, names, colour combinations and whole host of other exciting ideas in order to make sure that your shoes stand out from the crowd.

One of the key features of the CX402 & CX332 models is the ability to custom mold the sole of these shoes in order to maximise the comfort and fit. The moulding process works through placing the shoes in the oven for 10 minutes (5 minutes per shoe) and then as the carbon heel is softened you insert your foot inside the shoe and mould the carbon around the heel of your foot. This is something we are able to complete in store and walk our customers through the steps. The shoes can then be re-moulded a number of times afterwards should you wish to really dial in the fit of the shoes. The success and feedback we have had from our customers to date with this process has been extremely positive and has helped relieve a lot of customers discomfort with regards to discomfort in the foot when cycling.

The CX402 & CX332 Models both use K-Lite Kangaroo Leather and Boa Closure System, meaning the shoes are extremely durable and long lasting. This is another key feature of the shoes here in Dubai, as the heat and sand can sometimes be a burden to clean and quickly the lifespan of shoes can deteriorate in the warm humid conditions.

Previously these shoes were only available in certain colours (mainly black & white). However, as you can see from the imagery below, Lake have completely turned the cycling shoe industry on its head with the ability to completely personalize each individual customers shoes. What was previously only reserved for the professionals you watch on the television, is available through Lake Cycling at Wolfis Bike Shop.

Lake Custom Shoes – How the Process Works

 includes fitting of shoes to establish size, fit and sole preference. Design Ideas are established, this includes any colour preferences or particular prints that want to be applied.

Design Phase
eMail sent to Lake with Design Brief. Lake then respond with available design options. These are then forwarded to the customer for their consideration.

– Ordering 
Once the design & details have been confirmed then the deposit is placed the order sent to Lake.

Shoes arrive after 6-8 weeks. Once the shoes arrive we mould the shoes and conclude the fitting process.

For further details on Lake Cycling Shoes, please visit:
Please contact for further details.






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