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Meet the Roadsters – Julian Hawkins

Which Bike do you currently ride?

I have 4 bikes (this is a truthful statement as I know my wife will read this) – 2 in Dubai, Cervelo P5 triathlon bike for when I need an extra 2km/hr and want to be anti-social and a Colnago C60….everyone loves a C60.

Whats your most memorable moment on the bike?

Doing the descent after the first tunnel on the Hatta ride – seeing 104 km/hr on the Garmin and then going into a speed wobble…………soft hands, deep breaths, lots of prayers, tight on the saddle, slight brake, bit more brake, bit more brake, bit more brake…… relax…….and breathe….and still alive….

Who is your cycling hero?

Anyone who passes me…

How long have you been riding with the Dubai Roadsters?

5 years or long enough to just about remember the 80 and 120 routes….

How has cycling developed during your stay here in Dubai?

About $1,000 per bike

What are your goals for the remainder of 2016?

Aside from getting a discount from Wolfis and completing Exmoor 70.3

Whats your opinion on the length of cycling socks?

Length is’nt everything

What is your favourite way  to you replenish the calories after a long ride?

Bubbalicious and then onto Barasti….

How can you be identified on the ride?

I’ll be the one talking.

Julian - Wolfi

Julian - Colnago

Julian - Cervelo P5




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