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Meet Miguel Canelas aka Mr Ceramicspeed

In 2015 we were awarded Ceramic Speed distributor of the year. That means that here at Wolfis Bike Shop, we installed more Ceramic Speed components than any other bike shop in the world, and as the Workshop Manager I have overseen the installation of the majority of these upgrades. Through being awarded the distributor of the year award, I have developed a very close relationship with the team at Ceramic Speed and I love dealing with such a cool and forward thinking company.
Ceramic Speed is a Danish company which specailise in reducing the friction of your drive train through improving the quality of the bearings used throughout your bike. By using the better quality bearings and reducing the friction, this then saves you valuable watts and allows you to focus your attention elsewhere and improve your performance. Another key feature of Ceramic Speed is that the bearing life is extended dramatically compared with standard steel bearings. This is obviously key in Dubai, especially as we face some very harsh conditions with extreme heat and humidity. As Ceramic Speed bearings can be serviced and they offer a fantastic warranty, for me it is a no-brainer to ride with them here in Dubai!
I remember the day of IronMan Dubai, when we had 3 customers come in to the store with their bikes for some minor adjustments. With less than 4hrs until their bikes needed to be racked in the transition zone, I showed them the benefits of Ceramic Speed and their response was, “I would love it, but my bike needs to be racked in 4 hours time.” For us here at Wolfis Bike Shop, that is no problem. We installed all 3 bikes with a complete drive train overhaul, including Bottom Bracket, Pulleys & Chain and had their bikes racked in plenty of time. I watched them all come back to the shop the following day to tell me they all set Personal Best times, and that makes me proud of the work we do here in the workshop.
When I see riders like Stephen Cummings, Alberto Contador, Pierre Roland & Mark Cavendish using these products at the Tour de France in order to gain advantages over their competitors, and then I see the riders on our Friday morning Dubai Roadsters ride using the same products it always makes me happy. Everybody here in Dubai takes their cycling really seriously, and Ceramic Speed are an ideal component for these customers looking to get the most out of their cycling. The vast majority of our customers are successful individuals in their day to day life and are working at the highest level in the business world. I enjoy helping them mirror this same drive & passion with their cycling.
One of our regular customers, Simon “shaggy” Doran recently described Ceramic Speed as “…the ultimate in marginal gains and stealth components. This product has taken my overall enjoyment of cycling to another level, as I appreciate the calm silence of Al Qudra when riding my bike all I want to hear is my own thoughts and not a noisy drivertrain. Ceramic Speed has allowed for much smoother components and I now have as much Ceramic Speed throughout my bike(s) as possible.”
We are currently testing some exciting new products for Ceramic Speed and I am excited to see what comes from the results. As I mentioned, their innovative thinking and desire to improve athletes performance is something which I respect and admire.
Complete Ceramicspeed Upgrade|  10-16 Watts
Standard Ceramicspeed Upgrade |  6-9 Watts
Ceramicspeed UFO Chain Upgrade | 2-5 Watts
Ceramicspeed OSPW Upgrade | 3-5 Watts
You can follow both Ceramic Speed and Miguel Canales on Instagram:
Ceramic speed

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