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K-Edge – The strongest mount for your Garmin and GoPro Camera

K-EDGE was born from necessity.  In 2008, Joe Savola had one last technical detail to account for on his wife’s bike – ensuring that a dropped chain during the Beijing Olympic Time Trial would not derail her chances of a Gold Medal.  Joe turned to USA based AceCo Precision Tooling President, Eric Jensen for help.  Under his leadership, this Boise, Idaho based team of engineers and CNC machinists turned this concept into a reality.  Two weeks later, Joe’s wife, Kristin Armstrong, confidently made the fateful front chain ring shift and raced away with a Gold Medal in Beijing.

The following spring, Pro Tour Team Garmin-Slipstream called asking for 45 of Chain Catchers for the infamous one-day classic Paris Roubaix road race. ran a tech story following the race and AceCo’s phone lit up with eager customers – thus a simple need became a solution-driven product. In May of 2009, Eric and his partners launched the company K-EDGE, linking the production channels with a genuine marketing arm.

Since then K-EDGE has become the go-to chain catcher for champions at the Tour de France, World Cups, Ironman, and the Olympics. Trickling down to the consumer level, bike shop owners and mechanics are ensuring success on all bikes by adding the simple, yet professional grade, K-EDGE Chain Catcher.

K-EDGE’s innovation did not stop here.  In subsequent years, the solutions driven design team developed and introduced its line of camera and computer mounts, offering a better user experience and the confidence that comes with using the best products in the market – every ride.  In addition to K-EDGE’s legacy GO BIG Mounts for GoPro™ Hero cameras and our Garmin Edge® computer mounts, we have added several new product solutions supporting the Wahoo ELEMNT, Pioneer, CatEye Sigma, and many more, along with the GoPro™ style interface compatibility.

If you have further questions contact our Sales Team. They will be more then happy to assist you.

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