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Meet Samee – The World’s most Extraordinary Bike Mechanic

Meet Sammee,
Sammee is our master bike builder. Almost daily he builds bikes of unbelievable style and quality, making sure the customers here in the UAE ride some of the most unique bikes in the world.
His beginnings in the store were as a bike washer, where he watched & learned with a keen eye. Sammee background was in Sri Lanka where he was building large industrial sized bikes for Hainan Lanka. He used the basic skills that he gained during this time and under the supervision and guidance of Wolfi himself he was learning vast amounts everyday.
“I remember the first day Sammee came to the store looking for a job. He had an infectious smile and lots of energy about him, and despite him not having huge amounts of experience he showed a great willingness to learn and that was what appealed to me. He still has the same smile on his face today that he did when he first came in all those years ago.” – Wolfi
Sammee was keen to learn and quickly progressed from washing bikes to assembling basic “entry level” bicycles in the workshop. He showed a natural understanding of the bikes he was assembling and quickly progressed to working on some of the most individual & unique bikes in the world. Sammee assembles the bikes with an acute attention to detail that sets him apart from other bicycle mechanics in the industry.
During the 4 years that Sammee has worked in the store, he has had to continuously re-train & adapt to an industry that always throws something new at him on a regular basis. The introduction of electronic groupsets since Sammy joined our team has meant that he has charged more Di2 ports in his lifetime than he has charged his mobile phone and in recent times he has had some really stressful moments attempting to torque aero seat posts to the correct setting (you all know what we’re talking about!)
Wolfi’s Bike Shop was recently announced as the largest distributor of Ceramic Speed products in the world and Sammee is responsible for the majority of these installations. Almost every post from @roadbikedubai is built by Sammee and the vast majority contain Ceramic Speed products ranging from Bottom Brackets, Over Sized Pulley Wheels, Wheel Kits and recently Headsets.
Sammee is excited about the prospect of SRAM eTap in 2016 as it offers him a new challenge and another product for him to learn. His greatest enjoyment doesn’t necessarily come from building outstanding bikes, but actually from the general services he completes for his high profile customers. “The thing I enjoy most about my work is having the regular customers drop in unexpectedly and ask me to make some quick changes to their machines. When I see them leaving the shop with a smile on their face, I know I have done my job properly”, says Sammee.
You can now follow Sammee on Instagram: @sammeethelegend

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