SAKO7 Socks now in Dubai

We are delighted to welcome @Sako7_Apparel to the United Arab Emirates and help @Sean_Sako grow his brand across the globe.

We are looking forward to seeing our customers brighten up the cycle tracks of Dubai with the range of socks that we are now currently stocking in our store. In order to grow the ‪#‎Sako7Socks‬ community please don’t forget to use the hashtag to have your sock photos featured on the social media platforms available!

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So how did it all happen? Well, one night, late… while pondering love, peace & all good happiness stuff, he was staring at his refurbished vintage bike, looking at the name on the down tube, which had been masterfully placed there by his mechanic / spray painter, Jared. It was SAKO 7.
It started with socks, and so the slogan is the root of all creation: ‘The socks maketh the kit’
All of SAKO’s designs for his cycling apparel, bottles and caps are influenced by his socks. Unique, yes.
However, the designs of SAKO7 are influenced by either Sean’s life experiences, famous artists, individuals or movies which have made
an imprint on his life. He says his designs must have a story behind them, a book about his life.
His philosophy about socks is the following:
• Sock length (YES, size does matter) most definitely is a contentious issue. Ankle high socks or anything less than a 4” high cuff is a
• However, if a sock is too high, it is not considered ‘good style’ or ‘classy’.
• Sean prefers when the top of the sock cuff stops at the beginning of the calf muscle belly, and does not run into or over the calf
muscle. (It is of course up to the individual to position the cuff properly.) Everyone has a different shape calf muscle.
• The sock should be high enough to accentuate the the lower leg running into the belly of the calf muscle.
• There is nothing worse than when someone is wearing stylish cycling apparel and messes up the look with socks which fail to meet
the aforementioned criteria.
• Socks can make a bad kit look good and if the socks don’t conform to standards, then the socks can make a good kit look bad.
• ‘The socks maketh the kit’.
Lastly, regarding the style of socks, this is pretty much ‘Carte Blanche’. Socks can be seen as a blank piece of canvas for the designer to
apply their artistic touch, and create their work of art. Sean has always maintained that socks should be bold, daring and never boring.
However, even a classic plain white high top pair of socks has its place.
The style of your socks is really the finishing piece to your kit. He also advocates that style stays and fashion fades. So with this in mind,
and when it comes to socks, Sean changes it ever so slightly and states that fashion fades, but stripes will always stay.
The SAKO7 evolution continues and the latest exciting chapter is the globalization of the brand. This development came about when
Sean joined forces with Peter Appleton, former head of POC Bicycle Division. Peter has a flair for identifying inspirational and cutting
edge brands along with expertise in product development and his myriad of global connections. Peter will be running the global
distribution, assisting with product development and along with Sean they are taking SAKO7 to the next level.

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