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Great Triathlon Bikes starting from 12.990 AED

With the Triathlon season in full gear we thought we put together some great Triathlon Bike options for you starting from 12990 AED. Look no further those options are carefully chosen and unmatched in Aerodynamics, Comfort and Performance. The perfect Bike for every Athlete. Scott Plasma 20  – 14850 AED The Scott Plasma 20, with its… Continue reading Great Triathlon Bikes starting from 12.990 AED

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Scott’s Plasma 5 – Gaining the upper hand

The SCOTT Plasma Premium has been completely redesigned to not only make it more aerodynamically sound, but also to make it faster WITH a moving rider on it than without. With Sebastian Kienle racking up the IM European Championships and World Championships in the bike’s first year, it is safe to say that the Plasma… Continue reading Scott’s Plasma 5 – Gaining the upper hand

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Silca’s Pocket Impero

Ever since its first use, the phrase ‘Mini-Pump’ has been a sore spot for cyclists.  As one cycling journalist pointed out when we first discussed this project, ‘Mini-pumps are synonymous with ‘small, frustrating and useless!’  We sought to end this unfortunate cycling tradition with the creation of the Pocket Impero.  Call it mini if you may,… Continue reading Silca’s Pocket Impero

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Video – Without a doubt the best thing we have seen in a while

Now there is a lot of great Cinematography out there but what Sweetgrass Productions has achieved is something special. Kudos to all involved.

The DARKLIGHT film was developed in partnership with Philips TV to show the power of Ambilight and how adding light to an already great experience can enhance it even further. Enjoy